Following seven days of test programs Radio 2GF was officially opened at 8:00pm on Friday 15th December 1933 by the Postmaster-General of Australia Mr. Archdale Parkhill.

2GF was the 63rd broadcasting station to go on air in Australia joining the 50 other commercial stations and the 12 nations that were operating throughout the continent. 2GF was the first commercial radio station established along the eastern seaboard between Newcastle and Brisbane.

Originally, the station broadcast on a frequency of 1210 kilocycles. This changed to 1206 kilocycles in the 1970’s.

From the very early days, 2GF has been very involved with community activities and has been a friend to many people over the years especially during times of emergency. And there have been plenty of emergencies in the Clarence Valley since 1933.

The area has had its fair share of natural disasters such as bush fires and floods, and a number of man-made incidents. The community has turned to its local radio station for information such as the infamous Cowper bus crash and the Cangi siege.

In fact, 2GF was an industry leader in covering floods with live broadcasts from the field using two-way radio links and telephone landlines back to the studio for re-broadcast live to air.

2GF, like commercial radio in general, is still entertaining listeners today! It has survived opposition from cinemas and drive-in theatres, the introduction of television and lots more products designed to attract an audience.